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UBIA CASE-03 Mayoi Fortress

Owner: Mayoi_Hachiku

Date of Completion: Presumably around 2017 to 2019

History: Unknown, possibly built as a base for storage

Coordinates: -1718 81 -5958


  • It has a symbol made out of gold blocks on the front
  • Nebnotes: The building was once 100% dirt before being converted by a Lord (nebbers) to a more appropriate mix of stones. It's definitely older than 2017. The owners name may be a reference to anime character Mayoi Hachikuji from the show Bakemonogatari. Extensive searches through both old and new Shirecraft forums yielded no results of who or when this person joined. A search in NameMC showed no results, leading me to believe that the Protection Sign found in Mayoi Fortress may have been cut off - the full username may have been longer. I searched for Mayoi Hachikuji in NameMC as well and that did come up with three players who had used that name in the past. Thinking perhaps they changed their name after joined the server, I ran a search against the names previously used, but that also yielded no results.