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Small projects

Small projects, such as a single house or anything of the sort, can be built anywhere in the wilderness and at least 100 blocks away from a: the edge of someone else's region and b: any other build that isn't regioned.

These projects must go well with the surrounding environment and towns or cities. These cannot be pixel art, redstone machines, afk boxes, or anything deemed an eyesore by staff.

Staff may remove any build for any reason.

Materials may be obtained at /warp galleria for Yeomen and Mavens.

Large projects

Large projects (requiring a region of a 300 block radius or more) must get the approval of a staff member. You may ask in-game, by posting or messaging on the forums or pinging a staff member in discord.

The project must be at least 300 blocks away from neighboring builds or regions, unless you've been given approval by the builder or region owner. Please be sure to check and double check. Staff will be happy to help you find an area suited for your needs.

Once your project is approved, staff will be able to assist you with setting up the region and terraforming.

Large projects must be of or near the same era as neighboring cities or towns. For example, A large modern or futuristic city cannot be built next to a city of the steampunk era.

Large projects MUST be planned according to your rank. If you cannot manage the building of your project at your current rank, then it is too big for you. Staff may help at their own leisure and their own discretion. They are not required to help with anyone's project. So do not build and expect worldedit help with your project.

Large projects that are abandoned (left unfinished for 6 months or longer) will be deleted and the region removed. If you will be taking a long break and plan to return to your project, please be sure to notify us via the forums, discord or a /mail in-game.


We expect all projects on The Shire to be the original work of the creator(s) and not be replicas of pre-existing projects. This forbids the replication of (but is not limited to) projects on other Minecraft servers, and projects in tutorial videos. We are not saying you can't take some inspiration from another project, but you must ensure that anything you build is your own original work. To help avoid such conflicts, please - somewhere in your build - clearly state when you started your project.


Railroads and highways are standardized- if you're not an engineer and plan on building a stretch of road, please make sure they are up to code with our current systems. Always ask an engineer (nebbers or Andy) if you want to integrate your project into The Shire's infrastructure.

Inter-project connections

The Shire Transit Authority will maintain all rail lines and highways connecting between cities. Please do not build any rail lines or highways without their consent or supervision. Specific standards have to be met and the STA is the only team qualified to do so. Contact STA Director Andy if you have questions or wish to set up an appointment with your local STA representative.


Exempt from our infrastructure regulations is Tyro (/warp Tyro), railroads and roadways within specified city limits, and Tweber's "Friday Fun Land". This does NOT mean that because your town is next to another and you build something it is within one city. The STA will still come and inspect. All infrastructure constructed by non-STA members will be subject to inspection and possible removal/modifications.

Railway Stations

Within any project, such as a city, the minimum allowed distance between STA railway stations is 50 blocks. Railway stations that violate this rule will be subject to removal by the STA. An STA railway station is one that has been fitted with centrally managed ticket barriers/card update points.

The recommended minimum distance between railway stations is 100 blocks.

Materials And Machines

Use materials that could also work IRL for their intended purpose. For example: There are no wool roads IRL, so no wool roads on the Shire.

Lag-causing items will be removed if they disrupt the server. For example: Do not place 300 armor stands in one area.

Lag-causing redstone machines will result in ONE warning before a temporary ban. Flying redstone machines that move along the X or Z axes may result in a warning or temporary ban.


Airplanes and automobiles should be confined to areas with a modern theme. Airplanes or other modern vehicles that are not in these areas are subject to removal.

Modern projects

Modern-styled projects (i.e. metal & glass skyscrapers) are restricted as single-structure projects outside of designated areas. These areas are Equos and New Vashon. If you plan on building a modern/futuristic city, the area you choose for your project must be away from any town or city that is not of the same era. This is to ensure fluidity of aesthetics and era from region to region.

Common sense

Please use common sense when building; for example, skyscrapers in the middle of nowhere do not make sense.

Pixel art/Macro structures

Pixel art (See example pic.) What is Macro? Anything blown up to an extreme, unrealistic size. A coffee pot that is 200 blocks wide. A skyscraper that spells out your name. A 200 block tall Red Solo cup. NO. Any Macro or Pixel Art projects that do exist are required to be buried/hidden from view/secret; the two Pixel Arts in ChocoloateMilk2's office are a great example of this. Any project breaking this rule is subject to being removed at the discretion of an administrator.

Floating builds

Islands in the ocean should be made from the seafloor up. If it is a build over water, there should be structural supports. Floating trees must be completely removed.

Spacing between projects

Small projects (such as a single house) should be at least 100 blocks from neighboring regions and builds unless given permission by the builder or region owner.

Large projects (such as a city or town) should be at least 300 blocks from neighboring regions and builds unless given permission by the builder or region owner.