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This is a Build Page Template. This page serves as a build page template for build pages on the Shire Wiki and also a short lesson on wiki formatting. It has come to my attention that some players can't figure out formatting on wiki pages, so I'm making this page to show how to format and to also create a standardized form for most types of build pages. Note: this does not mean that you have to follow the format I'm creating, it is just an easy way to make one.

The first paragraph of your page should introduce the build, marked by a bolded subject in the first line of the first paragraph. Bolded characters are created by either hitting the bold button in the editor or marking three apostrophes around your subject; essentially '''bolded''' becomes bolded. After introducing your subject, talk about who built it, and maybe a little history. Nothing serious. Then launch into build history via a level two headline.

Build History/ Overview

Depending on whether you are writing a page on a build or an organization or kingdom, you can make the first headline "Build History" or "Overview." This should either be an actual history of the construction of the build and it's purpose or theme, or an overview of the purpose of the organization.

Side note: Level two headlines are made in the editor by hitting the "large A" button or putting two equal signs around your headline; this means that == Fictional History == becomes

Fictional History

This is the fun part. If your build has a fictional history, like Fulfwotz or Babylon, this is where you will write it! You can create new, third level headlines to denote a new era in a build history, like so:

New Era

This improves organization and makes your page look cool. Third level headlines are made by adding three equal signs instead of two (starting to see a pattern?). You can also add pictures here, using a totally different type of formatting. This formatting is included on the Upload File page, but I'll include it here too. Embedding a picture means you have to upload it and then embed it using the wiki formatting code. It looks like this: [[File:Your_picture_here.png|200px|thumb|right|alt text]]. That coding creates a 200 pixel thumbnail that can changed. Look at the aforementioned upload file page for more info.

What the formatting actually looks like.

Another Era

Just another era for, you know, stuff.

Notable Locations

Here you can add notable locations in your build or city, assuming it has places like that. Might be a little harder for large, more singular builds like Opera. You should bullet and bold your location names. A bulleted list is created by putting an asterisk (*) as the first character in a line. Like so:

  • Bulleted lists are gr8.
  • Arent they?
  • I think they are.


Hopefully this was at least moderately helpful. Also, you might be wondering "vet, that was a tutorial, not a template, you LIED!" Well, for those non believers, I have front page news: down below this paragraph is a real template that can be copy and pasted into new pages! Now go out there and make some sweet pages for your builds!

'''Build Name Here''' is a build in a specific part of The Shire. More basic build info, perhaps also a picture.

[[File:Your_picture_here.png|200px|thumb|right|Optional extra info here]]

== Overview/ Build History ==

More detailed info on your build here. Hopefully 2-3 paragraphs or more. I dont care.

== Fictional History ==

=== Era One name here ===

First part of your build history.

=== Era Two name here ===

Maybe you had more build history? Put it here.

=== Era Three name here ===

Ah, history.

== Notable Location in build name here ==

*'''Bullet one''': info

*'''Bullet two''': info

*'''Bullet three''': info (note: you can add more than three if you want to.

== References ==

If you've got references, you can add them here I guess...

This concludes the template.


This template was create by vetous on 17 June 2015. It is based on pages made by himself, sammiches822, and Nebbers. If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with him over the forum.