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Brutalpest University is an architectural school headquartered in northeast metropolitan Oranjestad. The college consists of nearly 2,200 students, making it the largest school of architecture in the world.


Brutalpest University offers 13 bachelor's degrees and 11 graduate degrees through its three schools. Programs offered within these schools are architecture, building construction, environmental design and planning, industrial design, interior design, landscape architecture, and urban affairs and planning.

School of Architecture + Design

Programs in the School of Architecture + Design include architecture, interior design, industrial design, and landscape architecture. Through the school, students can earn Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees, which are accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. The Bachelor of Architecture degree has been accredited by the NAAB, consecutively, since the 1957-58 academic year making it one of the oldest accredited architecture programs in the Shire. The School also offers professionally accredited degrees in Industrial Design (BS.IDS), Interior Design (BS.ITDS), and Landscape Architecture (BLA and MLA). Research-oriented degree programs include the Master of Science in Architecture and the PhD in Architecture and Design Research.

School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts offers programs in visual communication design and studio arts, with concentrations in visual communication design/graphic design, creative technologies, 3-D animation, modeling, painting, ceramics, animation, and sculpture. Areas of study include the studio arts (B.F.A.), the visual communication design (B.F.A.), art history (B.A.), and the creative technologies (M.F.A.). The school's administrative offices are located in the Armory, one of Blacksburg's historic buildings.

Baron Parson School of Construction

The Baron Parson School of Construction is a joint venture between the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the College of Engineering. It was founded with a donation from Real Estate mogul Baron Parson. It offers degrees in building construction and construction engineering and management. The school's programs are unique in that they blend building construction and civil engineering.