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This is a cozy seaside town built by Colepuck, located on one of the Verseni Isles. Alsma is one of a trio of sister cities, Albeni and Alcra, who are in the works of being built on their respective islands. The project was started in mid-2014 but was put on hold when Cole took a long break from playing. Upon his return in April 2015, construction has resumed and will hopefully be completed before the end of July.

Points Of Interest

TDA Headquarters - Located in the town center, near the fountain.

Church Of The Holy Spirit Verseni - Located at the end of the Alsmanian island.

About Alsma

Form Of Government

Alsma is governed by the Church of The Holy Spirit Verseni, the spirit for which the islands are named. Along with being the governor Of Alsma, The Head of the Church is an advisor to the Tri-Alliance Council when they seek aid from the Gods.


The city of Alsma's main export is literature: books, scrolls, and textbooks. While this is a city of religion, it prides itself on its sciences, and while the Nations Academy is within the National Forest of The Spirit Verseni, it is ran by Aslamites. Beyond its written exports, Alsma has crafted itself to be self-sufficient, growing its own crops and making its own ales. However, there is always imports of napkins from Venezia Nuova.


The Alsmaites are a peaceful people who do their best to stay out of conflicts, and lucky for them the Sammichian Empire has been been unable to taint their people and turn them into warmongers, however, they will support their sister cities with any excess crops to feed the war efforts.